Say No to Combustion and Why

When an end user chooses to enjoy there herbal remedies by smoking them directly through the use of flame, then that user is choosing to welcome the effects of combustion. Combustion is basically a mini controlled explosion from a chemical reaction between a necessary fuel and usually atmospheric oxygen. Thus when produced by means of fire a controlled flame will result. Essentially you burn your herbs by the resulting flame, which you partly inhale and see go up in SMOKE!! The health effects of Combustion are hazardous, but I want to use a future post to discuss in detail.  Also while seeing your precious herbs go up in smoke, you are definitely seeing an increase in your spending. The safe alternative to SMOKING YOUR HERBS AWAY IS BY VAPORIZING THEM PROPERLY!! That is what I am here for as you are discovering hence your search engine, social media site, or friend has brought you here TODAY!(AND THE REST OF YOUR SUBSCRIBED TERM) We have all heard Say No To Combustion, so we will keep that in mind as you embark on your vape journey discovering true AROMATHERAPY with convenience!!


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